I cannot help missing you.  Sadness envelops me
like the tender kiss of death when I am not with you.
I cannot help longing for you, because when I am with you,
I feel life coursing through my veins and my eyes are suddenly opened
to a knowledge known only to the heart, craved only by the soul.
I cannot be complete without you, for you are the rib of my rib, blood of my blood, flesh of my flesh.
Sometimes, I wish I could lie with you under a tree for all eternity,
ignore the serpentine lies of this world and bask with you in the nakedness of our innocence.
When I am with you, I dream.  When you leave me, my eyes are opened
and I see that life without you is as meaningless as the pain in this world.
I want to have dominion over your love!   I want to name each of your dreams!
I want to go forth and multiply your smiles with my kisses!
I want to laugh with you in the sun, cry with you in the rain,
bathe with you in the rainbow-hued waterfall of our tears and have you dry me with the night of your hair!
I want to die each night in your arms and have you bring me back to life the next day with your blooming lips!
I want to discover in your eyes the secret of everlasting life, and give you the secret of everlasting devotion!
Let me once again into your heart tonight, and let us close the gates of Time
and throw away the key into the rivers of Forgetfulness!
And if the surreptitious whispers of your mind suddenly start to slither to the surface, suppress them!
For it is your heart which has the more reason.  It is your heart which yearns for my heart.
It is your heart which knows that we were created by God for each other before man created Carefulness.
I have tasted of your beauty, and if that is a sin, then I am damned forever,
because I will keep devouring your grace and femininity with my hungry eyes until my heart is full.
Let me find my childhood again in your hands, my love, let me find again the happiness I lost
when I gave myself to someone else for the love of giving and not for the love of loving!
Put down the flaming sword of your mind and met me inside your heart!  Do not cover yourself with shameful fear!
You are my Zion, and I will labor and sweat all my life to find my way into the secret garden of your love,
for your love is my ambrosia!