When one day the light of your womanhood will shine in its fullest,
and the sun of my manhood will burn in its brightest,
when we will be together like clouds following the lazy path of the Nile,
when the pyramids of Cheops will have started to crumble and our love will still be
laughing in the face of Time, laughing in the face of Death,
you will know…

When even the grave robbers will have found the treasures of ancient pharaohs,
yet the secret of our stolen kisses will be safely locked in our hearts,
when everyone will wonder not how pyramids are made, but how our happiness is made,
when we will see them looking at us as if we were Anthony and Cleopatra risen from our ashes,
as if we had found the elixir of Life and drunk of it in our secret garden,
you will know…

When it will be accepted throughout the world that we are not separate entities,
but twin parts of a new entity called Us which will feed on nothing but kisses and caresses,
when lovers will look at us enviously, approach us as their king and queen and pay us homage,
when the people of the world will make a pilgrimage to see us walk before them hand in hand, eyes in eyes,
the promises that we made to each other still legible upon the scrolls of our hearts,
you will know…

When even the gods themselves will smile upon us and give you a fruitful harvest,
and bless us with the showers of their kindness and the warmth of their protection,
when the universe will stop spinning for a mere millisecond just to hear us whisper to each other,
when there will be only us, and no one to question the authority of our demanding love
or tell us how love should be , how life should be, and that is how it has been since the beginning of Time,
you will know…
how much I love you!