Your face is a reflection rippling out to me from the depths of my mind’s ocean.
when I close my eyes, I can barely make out the flowing black hair I love so much,
your slender undulating body, your full red lips, like twin sea anemones, and those piercing blue eyes
which seem to burn through my heart like a ray of sun through the surface of the sea.
In my dreams your voice is a distant echo which glides in and out of my ears like a slippery eel,
and your laugh, which tempts me like a siren to the edge of desire, sounds muffled and faint,
though I must restrain myself for fear of letting it be the destruction of my self-will.
Yet I shall never forget the time when your hand reached out for me in that dark theater,
and your fingers slowly wrapped around mine like the tentacles of an octopus.
I can still feel the flesh of your warm palms against mine.
I shall never forget stroking your wrists with my fingertips as I felt your fingers
gently squeeze mine in pulsating rhythms of tenderness.
I shall never forget how our arms were intertwined like dolphins in a dance of courtship.
I shall never forget how you lay your head on my shoulder, and I smelled the scent of your hair
as it brushed my cheek like a swimming school of tropical fish.
I shall never forget feeling like my heart would explode in a multicolored supernova of fireworks,
feeling as if only you would be next to me forever, with your hand clasped within mine,
I could change the world, I would be unstoppable.
And I shall never forget how, in that moment in time,
I knew that I had found ion your eyes the sunken treasure, no the sunken Atlantis, that you are to me.
But I would just as soon forget the hunger that my skin feels for yours,
and how my fingers ache to be touched by your fingers again .
(If they could sing, it would be the plaintive song of a whale looking for its mate.)
In this state of half-remembering, this eerie transient world of half-truths disturbed by the waves of my reality,
I feel as if I were running out of air, as if I will go mad as a diver who has gone too deep.
Yes, I will go mad!
Unless you breathe into my lungs that intoxicating part of your lifeforce which drains me of common sense.
If you are to save me, you must take me into your world and
kiss me now!