Time’s Refugees

You and your cape, me and my flute,
We fled like birds through Time’s portals
And through the fog and through the trees,
We both escaped into the night.

The stars all sang, the wind was mute,
Oh, how we felt like immortals!
But as the leaves sighed in the breeze,
Our hearts both knew that with the light,

The coming day would be a brute,
Reminding us we are mortals,
And each moment soon we must seize
For it is Time with whom we fight,

And it is Time which steals the fruit
Which makes us feel as immortals,
And it is Time which fights to squeeze
The precious moments from our nights.

So grab your cape, and me my flute!
Let us once more be immortals!
Let Time chase us until we wheeze,
But please my love, be mine tonight!