Teleflex Vital to Army Field-Feeding Operations

Teleflex has a long and rich history, and that history recently merged paths with one of its employees Gregory Gochtovtt, when he noticed the Teleflex logo on one of his field feeding MBU (modern burner unit).

The MBU, a component essential for preparing food for soldiers on the field is manufactured at Teleflex Power Systems in Canada, a company which used to be owned by Teleflex Incorporated. The MBU units replaced approximately 56,000 of the Army’s old M2 burners in 2015. Operation of the M2 burner was a 28-step consuming process, which included having to light the M2 fifty feet away from the feeding center and then carrying it back to the kitchen utilizing two soldiers. Not so with the MBU. This newer burner uses jet fuel, also known as JP8, and it can be lit directly inside the CK (containerized kitchen, a pop-out kitchen on trailer which includes a grill, oven, warmer, fridge, and serving line). The MBU can also be refueled using an automatic system with a hose connected directly from the fuel can to the unit.
Not only does Teleflex manufacture the MBU, but also several of its components, including the filler cap and ground cables (among others).

Sergeant Gregory Gochtovtt, who has been in the Army since 2002, has been working on the field with the MBU since it came out. He was deployed to Iraq three times and Afghanistan once and can attest to the fact that working with the older equipment was “no picnic.”  Sergeant Gochtovtt gave a class on MBU operation to his soldiers on December 10th, 2016 during his monthly training drill, and he also received hands-on training in taking the MBU apart and replacing several of its parts.

So in fact, not only is Gregory Gochtovtt an employee of Teleflex, he is also one of its many customers.


Gregory has been with Teleflex for one year now. He works in Wayne’s corporate office in the Legal Department.

(Published December 16, 2016 on the Teleflex Intranet newsletter.)