I love being a model. I love being the center of attention (have been ever since I was a kid!) And I love the finished product. I have been in several photoshoots, and I hope to be in many more. If you are a photographer who needs fresh materials, feel free to contact me. I would love to be your test subject. Here are a few ideas to whet your appetite:

  • Middle Eastern theme- I have authentic Middle Eastern rugs from Iraq, several scimitars, Persian shields, a Prince of Persia outfit (complete with Moroccan daggers), and such accessories as hookahs, a Middle Eastern tray table, and Moroccan lanterns. I also know several bellydancers whom I am sure would be delighted to be part of a “1001 Nights” Arabian theme. Check out my shoot with Christina Rose to see the drum I use to accompany bellydancers!
  • Medieval theme- I belong to the SCA, a society which recreates the Middle Ages. As such, I have several combat props, including a full suit of chainmail, swords, a kite shield embossed with my family coat of arms, and tons of medieval clothes (including knee-high leather pirate boots.)
  • Army theme- Having been in the army since 2002, I’ve gathered a lot of army gear, including special forces knives, combat packs, and fatigues. Check out my Mike Brochu shoot with Raja!
  • Cosplay theme- I just recently got into Cosplay, and I love it. I just recently did a Doctor Who (tenth doctor, David Tennant) with Joey Pasion, a.k.a. Dr. Photo, and a World of Warcraft Horde Photoshoot with Caitlyn Beatty. Check it out below.  My next wishlist Cosplay:  Captain America!

Here are pictures of the photo shoots in which I have had the pleasure of being featured. I recommend all of these photographers, they are great to work with!

Mike Brochu Photography
Dr. Photo Photography
Christina Rose Photography
C. Beatty Photography