Second Coming

You are magical.  You have the power
to infuse into my veins with your sweet whispers the hope of a Christian in a den of lions,
to draw me with a single smile from the tempestuous waters of my doubts and restore my faith,
to raise me with each of your caresses from the dead
life which I used to live before I met you.
Your lips are my manna,
your eyes are brighter to me than a burning bush,
your hair more beautiful than the night through which fell the star announcing the birth of a new king.
the touch of your hands is more healing than the cloak which healed a passing leper.
And each time you kiss me, I feel more blessed than the sinner who washed the feet of the Messiah with her tears.
Each time I hold you in my arms, I am given the keys to Heaven.
Each time I feel your soft, warm breath upon my neck, I feel like a flame has flown over my head
and given me the power to speak to you in a tongue known only to my heart.
Each time you whisper to me, “Te quiero!” you give me the promise of a new world beyond this world.
Verily, verily, I tell you this:  you my love, you are my salvation.