Jolted from my assembly line past,
Enraptured by a dream-carved future, my meticulous soul
Needed you most, like a rock roughened perfectly by the icy winds of time
Needs a particular sculptor.   You offered yourself
Inside my life, like liquid fire offers itself to the steel which will slice
Form and breath into a formless and breathless matter.
Eventually, by your making, i will be, can be, nothing less than the
Realized repetition of your most heartfelt and craved visions.


Form is borne of your dreams, they hold everything.  dream,
Anticipate my lips pressing softly against yours, feel the
Need to whisper my name self-consciously under your breath,
Turn in your head like a Chinese puzzle the image of my face, let
All that you see around you be a blueprint for my calling.
Slowly, make
Yourself mine.