The pulse of my heart
beats in my head,
booms in my ears,
batters my chest.
I want to dance,
to stomp my feet,
let it all out,
and hurl a scream
of primal joy.
And I want you
to see me here
all that you are,
all that you do,
all that you say.
And I want you
to dance with me,
to stomp your feet,
to feel my heart
against your heart,
and close your eyes
and let desire
carry you forth
into my dreams
and recklessly
give me your lips, and
to hell with rules,
to hell with manners,
to hell with all
that makes you waver!
Just come to me,
just fling yourself
into my arms
and let me take you
higher and higher
into the center
of the volcano,
deeper and deeper
into the eye
of the tornado, and
once we are there,
we’ll both be bare of
inhibitions, of
meaningless questions, of
prim proper reasons, so
forget all that
you think you know,
forget all that
they think they know, and
forget your mind, and
forget your past, and
remember all
your yearning heart
feels when I’m close, and
dance with the rhythm,
move with the pulse,
let out a scream
of primal joy,
and hurl yourself
into my arms,
but first you

kiss me.

Then you will feel
the pulse of your heart
beat in your head,
boom in your ears,
batter your chest,
and then we’ll be together,
your hands within my hands,
your body against mine, in a
rush of made desire,
hurricane of love,
explosion of moans, and
then you will know
all that I know, and
you will feel for me
what I feel for you, and
the rhythms of our hearts will