Prayer of a lost soul

My soul is like a beast encaged
In this body of raw matter.
It is in pain, confused, enraged,
Held bound where there is no laughter!

It needs to flee far from this place,
Away from Earth, away from men!
My creator I wish to face
So that I may not go insane.

O, where art thou, Jesus my Lord?
Please give me sight, for I am lost!
My heart is pierced as by the sword,
Many temptations have I crossed.

Grant me the will to deny Sin,
To face myself, give me the strength!
Over all evils may I win,
For my journey is of great length!

This is the plea, then, of my soul.
It flies to Thee with reverence.
To find thy purpose is my goal.
I pray to Thee with reverence.

I beg Thee now to give me rest,
And drown my fears in harmony.
May life for me be as a quest,
For now, ’tis naught but agony.