I love being in front of the camera.  I have done several photoshoots, including an army photoshoot, a Doctor Who Cosplay photoshoot, a World of Warcraft cosplay photoshoot, and more recently a photoshoot for my podcast, The Weekly Dosage.

I also enjoy photoshopping special effects into my photoshoots (Tardis, blurred out time warp, World of Warcraft wolf).

If you would like to expand your portfolio with unusual themes, I not only have a full suit of armor, but weapons, Middle eastern rugs and furniture, and tons of props.  I also welcome models who would be interested in doing such types of photoshoots, as I also dabble in photography.  And of course, I am an aspiring model and actor, so all you talent scouts out there, your next Ned Stark is here.

Contact me for more details.