Paradise in the city

A bonzai tree next to a pine,
beds of rock for you and me,
a falling star to make you mine.

No goldfish swims in the pond,
and the streetlamps outshine the stars.
No temple to bless our bond.
Our witnesses are passing cars.

Pavement stands under our feet.
The midnight air scented with smog.
No paddies or fields of wheat,
but only vents steaming with fog.

Like a pearl dropped in a sewer,
or a bubble upon the air,
or hiding place without a door,
this garden is our secret care.

Let me hold you close to me,
and let this garden be our tryst.
Let me try to make you see,
that without me, you are so missed.

Keep this garden in your heart.
Do not forget how my lips felt,
so that when we are apart,
twin hearts into one heart might melt.

Whenever you want to cry,
close your eyes and there you’ll be.
Let your tears crash down and die
upon the earth and think of me.

And if you whisper my name,
I’ll fly to you upon moonbeams.
And there we will meet without shame,
and we will make love in our dreams.