I have been playing music since I was a child in France.  I took piano lessons and music theory as a kid, and I have played every instrument imaginable, from the violin to the bass clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, classical and acoustic guitar, medieval recorder, Native American flute, and hand drums.

I still actively dabble in classical guitar and play hand drums and Native American flute with passion.  I also sing, and have already written and recorded two songs.  You can always find me every Tuesday at Glendinning Rock Garden (Fairmount Park, corner of Girard Avenue and Brewery Hill Drive) every Tuesday at 9 p.m., where I play the djembe and doumbek drums and Native American flute.   Just listen for the sounds of drumming by the underpass parking across the meadow and up the stone steps.

Christina Rose Photography

If you are also a musician, I can provide lyrics to your melodies, or add an extra exotic flair to your soundtracks with my African djembe drum, Middle Eastern doumbek drum, Spanish classical guitar, or Native American flutes, or medieval recorders.  Since I am also a singer and French speaker, I can also add vocals to your songs, both in English and French.

I am also looking for other drummers to form a drum group for gigs in Chester County, PA and Philly. If you are interested, email me.

You can find some of my music samples on YouTube.