Moonlit Waltz

We danced a waltz under the moon,
And there were none to see us smile.
Although we knew we must go soon,
We danced and laughed for just a while.

We needed no music to play,
For the music played in our hearts.
And we needed no words to say,
For words through silence are like darts.

I held her close against my breast,
I felt her lips upon my cheek.
I laid my weary head to rest
The touch of her skin made me weak,

For it was warm and soft as dough,
And with her breath upon my neck,
I felt the love within me grow,
And prayed from this dream ne’er to wake.

Now when I stand under the light,
And no one watches what I do,
I close my eyes, dance in the night,
And pretend that she dances too.

My dearest love where’re you are,
Know that I miss you very much.
And know that I will not be far,
But so close that our souls can touch.