Love is reckless, love is wild.
Love is foolish like a child.
With its nose up in the air,
It has not a woe or care.

Love is giving, love is kind.
Love leaves thoughts of self behind.
Love asks nothing in return.
Love is never harsh or stern.

When you placed your trust in me,
Sacrificed yourself for me,
Caution barking at your feet,
Warning you against deceit,

I was taken by surprise,
And your deeds strengthened the ties
Which unite our hearts and souls.
We are as one, we are whole.

For I would have done the same,
Without doubt or without shame.
We are fools without reprieve,
And each day, we spin and weave

Both our fates into one fate.
My love for you is innate.
And with our nose in the air,
We can see that we both share

A destiny in the stars
Which cannot be held by bars,
Which cannot be stopped by Time,
I am yours, and you are mine.