I have been working with Photoshop since 2000, and have been doing web design since 1990.  I also took several Photoshop, graphic and web design, and typography classes online.  I love working with Photoshop, and one of my hobbies is to retouch photos (i.e., restoring old family photos, brightening washed out scenes, erasing people from backgrounds, etc. )

Dr. Photo Photography


I am also very interested in Cosplay and special effects (like the blurry pedestrian next to me as The Doctor on the right), especially since I have also done several cosplay shoots myself.  I dabble with photography, so if you’re looking to do an unusual shoot and have special effects or fantasy/science fiction elements added to it, feel free to contact me.  So if you wonder what you would look like as an elf, with wings, or as a mermaid, or if you have an annoying photo bomber in your family pictures, I’m the man for the job.



I also do logos and I have already created several logos for local small businesses.  My turnaround is very fast, and I keep working until you are satisfied.