An answer

I was sold in days of old
for a bag of pieces, thirty.
Though I was blessed from above,
Yet alas, my enemies

They were bold, the lies they told,
And they showed me no mercy.
How they pushed and how they shoved
my frail body on a tree.

So as I gaze upon thee,
my poor, lonely Gregory,
I see you are always kind,
to strangers who oft have less.

I can feel your empathy,
but also your agony,
though you think me deaf and blind
to your heart’s deep emptiness.

But know this, my aching child,
I promise soon you will meet
the soul for which you so long,
the woman of all your dreams.

Just hold on a little while.
She will be fair, bold, and sweet.
Know that I am never wrong.
Nothing is e’er what it seems.

Like a sword within the fire,
You must first be purified.
Like a wine inside a flask,
You must lose all bitterness.

Each new day you must aspire
to be just and dignified.
In this life, it is your task
to harbor no false regrets.

Learn to love, but not to yearn,
and above all, love yourself,
for if you curse who you are,
you assume that I have failed.

All things through work, you must earn,
Love sits not upon a shelf.
When you wish upon a star,
let your faith be its bright tail.